Climate change of Colorado winters

Temperatures tend to fluctuate during winter months

Home construction

Heated basements are where pests migrate during cold, winter months

Springtime is when insects begin to emerge and increase their population. Paladin Pest Control will target their treatment to reduce the pest population.

Spring Treatment Plan :

  • Remove spider webs
  • Power spray foundations
  • Apply baits

Due to the increase in temperatures there is an increase in pest activity. The hotter the temperature, the more active pests tend to be.

Summer Treatment Plan :

  • Remove spider webs and apply liquid insecticide
  • Dust exterior foundation
  • Utilize granular insecticide
  • Apply baits

As your insects mature, they will seek shelter for the winter months. Your home is the perfect shelter.

Autumn Treatment Plan :

  • Remove spider webs
  • Dust exterior “hot spots”
  • Apply granular insecticide
  • Rodent control (excluding pocket gophers and voles)

During winter months, insects hide in order to reserve energy so they can survive until spring arrives.

  • Remove interior spiders webs
  • Treat all interior “hot spots”
  • Bait kitchen and baths
  • Install insect monitors
  • Dust exterior “hot spots”

Winter Treatment Plan :